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Return policy

You may order products on the Services. Orders are subject to Roundforest’s inventory and logistic constraints. Roundforest reserves the right to reject any order, at its sole discretion.

Payments shall be made in advance, without any deductions. You shall bear any taxes applicable to your order unless specified otherwise.

For most products, you will have thirty (30) days to request to cancel the order and return the product. Unless cancellation is due to defect in manufacturing, you will bear the costs of the return delivery. Please note any other cancellation and return policies on the Services that are specific for some products. Expendable and consumable products may not be returned unless they arrived with a defect in manufacturing that is reported within fourteen (14) days of delivery. Other than Roundforest’s return policy, all products are provided “AS-IS”, without any warranties or representations.

Please note that any photos or videos are for illustration purposes and the actual product may be different from the way it looks in such materials (e.g. color, size etc.).